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Young Artists
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Courses for Children to 12 years old.

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Young Artists


Drawing and painting classes for children and youth

  • drawing and painting wherever you live in the World

  • learn at your own pace

  • work from home and learn via Internet

Children's workshop is the place for you where you get drawing and painting lessons. You can sign up for classes by subscribing. Once a week you get half an hour teaching via Skype for only € 3,00 per month. You'll also get written lessons you can order and download in PDF form. You can send pictures of your drawings or paintings to Domino Design via email after which you will get feedback and tips. You can work to fantasy, or to animals, nature, or just pictures of your friends. On the internet there is once a week live drawing lessons you will get live answers to all your questions and advice and tips.


Andrew Zeegers and / or other available teachers


€ 3.00 per child per month to 12 years.

above classes are excl. materials
theory-lessons can be downloaded in PDF format via the webshop for € 1.00 per lesson.


There is also a glitzy online gallery where exhibitions group of children are held and where your drawings will hang on.
(more information about this will follow)



A course Drawing and painting for children. Not expensive so it is affordable for parents.

the course

This painting and drawing course is designed for children. We work after fantasy or pictures of animals and nature. Once a week you get counseling via Skype or Google Hangouts. And once a week you can send a picture of your painting or drawing via Skype or email and then you get written tips, advice and guidance.


Andrew Zeegers is an artist and has a lot of experience in teaching and gives lots of personal attention.


You get information on materials. The idea is that you ever purchase your own material. The first lesson contains a lot of information about the materials that you can purchase.




via the link below. You can only pay through Paypal. So you will need to open a PayPal account (which is very easy, more information will follow)

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